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Socius Restaurant Pre Launch

Just as we got into February I was asked by the EDP Norfolk magazine to pop over to Bunrham Market in Norfolk to get some shots a new restaurant that was due to open by the end of the month.

It was still pretty much a building site with lots of work to do inside the premises. My brief was to photograph the in progress stuff then to get some shots of the owners.

The inside was easy enough using my Nikon D500 with a wide zoom and a standard zoom outside on a tripod to get the best quality possible by allowing me to look and really think about the whole picture framing.

As for the picture of the owners, this was to be done inside and out. Using a Bowens XMT500 with a Octa box, which creates great natural lighting placed on a stand inside on the upper mezzanine floor. With me hanging over the end with the rest of the restaurant below. It made for simple and quick pictures that capture the progress of the build and how it will all look. 

After this we had to get a different shot outside which was due to be used online in the Eastern Daily Press/Evening News website almost as quick as it was shot. Straightforward enough on a normal day, but when it’s winter in North Norfolk with the threat of snow, things were a bit different. Still using the Bowens with Octa Box, we stepped outside with a bracing North Sea breeze and a few flakes of snow in the air, we had to be quick. Flash to one side shot on the long end to zoom. Moving from landscape to portrait framing I think we were all done in about 5 mins.