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Happisburgh Lighthouse

Today, I’m going back to 2016 to the day I got to one of the highest points and one most recognisable buildings in Norfolk.

It’s the one that Challenge’d Anneka to be repainted in its distinctive red and white hoops but in the wrong type of paint. 

I was on assignment for the Newspaper, my job was to cover a Happisburgh Lighthouse Open Day which would normally happen every month or so during the summer. 

The lighthouse is the only privately funded fully operational lighthouse in the UK. 

As a means to maintain and run the operation, the public are allowed to visit and climb the every decreasing steps to the top, to view the lantern and look out across the North Sea. 
Working for newspapers you have to get a lot done in a short amount of time, the usual pictures from people looking at stuff, people doing stuff, people with other people stuff and normally always happy stuff. 

After all that is done, I always try to get something else, on this occasion I thought a view from above the lantern and people would be nice. 

Having sought special permission I was allowed to climb a ladder to get even higher, holding on tight and a bit of contortion I got the image below.